Concrete Repairs

The key to successful concrete repairs is twofold: quality products and experienced, skilled tradesmen. Where there are issues with your sub-structures you need to be confident that repairs are done correctly so that you are not haunted by recurring problems in the future.

McGrath Group has an enviable client base because its approach is pragmatic: diagnose, recommend, implement to a high standard and eradicate any challenging issues. The goal is simple. Durable repairs.

That means that defective areas of concrete are always removed completely so that exposed steel reinforcements are correctly prepared ahead of high-quality reinstatement.

In the case of a small area this might involve the use of pneumatic tools or, where there are larger volumes of concrete, hydro demolition, with reinstatement by hand/trowel applied material or spray concrete, be it gunite, shotcrete or traditional poured methods.

Once repaired we have an array of protective coatings which can be applied to any exposed concrete areas to further enhance durability and, sometimes, for aesthetic reasons, always ensuring that existing colours and textures are adhered to where required. These coatings can also protect against further carbonation of the concrete, chloride ingress, chemical attack or abrasion.

McGrath Group is professional, experienced and brings a ‘can-do’ attitude to all projects backed up by teams of skilled tradesmen.

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