McGrath Group has developed the world’s first anti-static repair system, ‘CONDUCTORLINER’, revolutionising the way pipes in above and below ground environments are now rehabilitated, specifically in chemically volatile situations.

Imagine the problem. How do you repair a pipe, crack or displaced joint using a material or method that will still dissipate static charge so that there is no threat of explosion?

The UK national standards body, the BSI, issues standard BS60079-32 for electro-static hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres.

All infrastructure repair systems in potentially explosive atmospheres SHOULD CONFORM with this standard. They DO NOT and NEVER HAVE.

Up to now industry has been effecting repairs to negate environmental risk, unwittingly introducing an explosion risk. This has now changed for the first time in modern industrial history thanks to CONDUCTORLINER.

Not only is CONDUCTORLINER EN/BS60079-32 standard and DSEAR compliant, but it has also been proven to be the first 100% dissipative infrastructure repair system in the world.

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