Water Industry

There are many facets to the water industry and McGrath Group engages with the sector at a range of levels, primarily in the areas of repair and refurbishment but also with elements of new construction.

Be it a reservoir or contact tank, a digester or waste water treatment works, you will find McGrath Group’s teams of skilled professionals working on sites across the UK and Europe. Whatever the infrastructure the ubiquitous ‘pipe’ comes into play, time and again, and usually as part of a critical structure. Together both need periodic maintenance, be it repair or replacement, work that’s regularly carried out by McGrath Group’s teams.

Repairs might also be to concrete and steel or simply joints, pipes, valves and fittings, whilst there are those additional areas that embrace heavy engineering – including hydro and other demolition, concrete structures and steel fabrication – as well general maintenance and safety of, for example handrails, ladders and access covers.

Surface blasting and jetting, corrosion protection and re-lining, fall under what we call ‘Coating & Waterproofing’ and, within your waste water treatment stock, there will be on-going needs for a raft of expertise from Condition Surveys to Cleaning & Chlorination, Joint Sealing to Repairs embracing substances like concrete, resin and welding.

McGrath Group also supplies and installs filter bed media, including stone and plastic, and has been working with UK water companies in a range of areas for many years. At its heart there are two words that underpin McGrath Group’s ethos and have resulted in a first-rate relationship with the UK’s water companies: can-do and professional.

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